Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A quick drawing and a storyboard study

And here is the storyboard study of one of my favorite scenes from Toy Story 3 (yes... again, but you've got to admire the filmmaking in this movie).
This is when Woody first tries to get out of Sunnyside, with all the stuff inside the bathroom and with the kite.  


Michael Barquero said...

Holy cow, so many :D

Hey, could you explain that ball-cranium technique you're using? I see it a lot, and have a vague idea what it is (Loomis inspired?) but...dunno. Tutorial maybe? :D

Thanks eitherway!

Quentin Lebegue said...

Hey Michael, thanks for visiting the blog !

As per your question, I don't really know where this technique comes from. Walt Stanchfield uses a similar tool - though not exactly the same, in 'Drawn to Life'. Maybe that's where.

To me it's just a way to get the placement of the head quickly. Then I build on it and draw the rest on top of it.

So it's the circle, the two sides of the face, the chin, and then the features (eyes, mouth, ears). Usually in that order.

I always struggle with the hair though !

Michael Barquero said...

No problem man, really enjoy the blog. Keep it up, will be exciting to see where you go in five years :D

Thanks for the quick tutorial