Sunday, September 30, 2012

Storyboard sequence - Rough pass / Process

Here are some  rough panels from a storyboard sequence I'm working on. This is the first pass, so I drew really really fast to keep exploring ideas and not get too attached to the drawings. At that stage, they're not supposed to be understood by anyone but me... but I'm posting them anyway, because  the whole process thing is fun !!

I usually start with a lot of writing on paper, as well as some exploratory drawings and shots. Then I go to Photoshop and Adobe Bridge to draw, edit, cut and change the sequence, trying to find the most effective way to tell the story. 'Just do it!', as Mark Andrews would say.

This story is about a milkman who finds himself in great difficulties after giving milk to a kitten.

Anyway, an excerpt (click the first drawing to go through the sequence one panel at a time) :